Affirmations – The Science Behind Why They Work

7 Oct by Timothy Harris

Affirmations – The Science Behind Why They Work

Twentieth century scientists had a revolution of discovery regarding the thoughts and the mind. The mind we had as a toddler is just not the mind we’re caught with. The chemistry and connections in our thoughts can change. By means of free will, our thoughts can settle for new ideas and create new realities.

The Mind

The identical substances that make up a liver additionally create a mind out of which we have now a considering thoughts. Man is a aware considering being. The pc that I’m typing on can soak up enter and provides output, however it isn’t conscious that it’s doing so. Man is conscious. He can understand and course of.

Our mind communicates by way of chemical compounds. Neurons (cells) are linked by axons and dendrites. The axons attain out to different cells to distribute data, and the dendrites obtain data from these cells.

These chemical connections kind as we undergo expertise. Attempt to transfer your proper massive toe, and solely your proper massive toe. Are you able to do it? Most probably you can not transfer your proper massive toe with out transferring the adjoining toes. It’s because your thoughts has mapped these areas of your toes collectively. By means of repetition of strolling your thoughts has related your toes as one entity and linked the neurons that management your toes collectively.

Expertise creates connections in our thoughts and repetition strengthens these connections. For a visible analogy, consider a automobile that has gone down a dust street so many instances that’s has made everlasting groves. The groves compel the automobile to journey on this spot on the street every time it passes by. That is the idea of behavior formation. Our tendencies are groves worn into our minds by our life experiences.

As kids, our mother and father, our surroundings, our college, the actions we made, all of it created the physiology of our brains. That’s the reason a lot of our habits and beliefs will be traced again to our childhood. The subsequent logical query is then, “Can I alter the bodily connections of my thoughts to alter my habits, behaviors and life?” Thankfully the reply is sure.


Scientists have been amazed after they realized that the brains of amputees rewired primarily based on the absent limb. When the mind of Victor Quintero was examined, the idea of phantom limb ache was found. Quintero misplaced his left arm at age 17 in a automobile accident. When scientists swiped a cotton ball previous Quintero’s left cheek, he not solely felt the motion on his cheek but in addition on his lacking hand. His mind had rewired the actual property dedicated to his left hand to his left cheek, known as cortical remapping.

This phenomenon has additionally been noticed in folks with focal hand dystonia. Focal hand dystonia happens when hand actions are repeated time and again, as would been happen in live performance musicians. As they repeatedly apply quick advanced musical passages for hours on finish, their mind begins to rewire and mix the alerts is receives from every of the person fingers. The thoughts sees the digits as one. In focal hand dystonia, an individual loses the flexibility to maneuver their fingers individually. Simply as we can not transfer our massive tow impartial of the others, folks with focal hand dystonia can not transfer a single finger with out transferring the others. It is a devastating prognosis to somebody who has devoted their life to music. The therapy? To remap the mind by way of compelled particular person finger motion. Simply because the thoughts noticed two fingers as one, you’ll be able to train the thoughts to see the fingers individually once more.

Change Your Life

The experiences in life are largely decided by particular person beliefs. As we have now seen by way of the examples above, fixed repetition creates and strengthen connections in our mind. As an illustration, if you happen to have been informed, over-and-over once more, that you just have been poor, you’d have bodily created connections in your thoughts to strengthen the idea of being poor. You’d have habits that supported these beliefs and a ensuing actuality of being poor.

Nevertheless, simply because the musicians with focal hand dystonia, we will rewire our mind, the precise bodily connections in our mind, by introducing and repeating new life affirming beliefs. Affirmations repeated repeatedly, can create new neural connections, that in a really actual bodily sense, change our physiology and assist new habits and behaviors that may change life.

We shouldn’t have the mind of our youth. Our brains, not simply our minds or our ideas, however our precise bodily brains are in flux and responding to our surroundings and sensory enter repeatedly. That is the place we get our thoughts energy.